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Pandemic Monologue Screenplay – Audition Info – All Ages

Pandemic Monologue Screenplay – Audition Info – All Ages

$ 200.00

Audition Opportunity! 

We are casting actors, age 11 and up, for our Pandemic Monologue Screenplay. This production will feature a series of original monologues, sharing our cast members’ experiences during this pandemic. The rehearsal and shooting schedule will be very flexible for this project. If interested in auditioning, please submit a self-tape showing us a portion (minimum 1 minute, max 5 minutes) of an original pandemic monologue in your voice—ideally from the monologue you imagine ultimately performing. Please be aware of your background, audio, video, and lighting, so that your self-tape also demonstrates the quality of the video you can produce at home, as most likely final monologues will need to be shot remotely. We highly recommend you are off book or close to it for at least a minute of the monologue audition tape you submit. Auditions: Rolling. 

We expect this unique play to be a moving and insightful look at the pandemic through the eyes of generations of Americans (our adult actors have been hard at work on their monologues since last spring, and they are fantastic!). Disturbing, funny, heartbreaking, hopeful, ugly, beautiful—these are all aspects of our experiences in 2020–2021. We will be looking for monologues that trigger different feelings on this spectrum, so that the show as a whole takes the audience through the emotional rollercoaster that has been the norm of pandemic life. Your monologue does not have to be heavy. Some will elicit laughs, some tears, some both. There is no right answer, but there may be a right blend of pieces to this pandemic-play puzzle.

If you are cast, we can help you craft and polish the writing of your piece if needed. Rehearsals will happen in private or semi-private coaching sessions. We expect most actors to need approximately three half-hour rehearsals. Actors will videotape their monologues at home with the best quality audio, video, and lighting available. This may happen after the second rehearsal, then the actor will receive notes on the tape in their final session, and re-tape. In some instances this may take several rounds of taping and notes; we will have high expectations for this cast.

We look forward to sharing our Pandemic Monologue Play with the world on screen—and hopefully on a stage (or many!) once curtains rise again.

There will be a small participation fee of $200* to cover coaching, editing, and promotions for this production, but this is primarily a passion—not profit—project. THERE IS NO COST TO AUDITION. PLEASE UPLOAD YOUR AUDITION TAPE TO DROPBOX OR A SIMILAR PLATFORM AND EMAIL US THE LINK AT: TRIPLETHREATACADEMYCT@GMAIL.COM

*We will not exclude anyone cast due to financial constraints. 


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